2020: Electronic Component Prices Are Expected to Rise by 5-10%

Capacitors are expected to rise 5-10% in prices.

Manufacturers did not take all the electronic components into bullish market in prices in 2011, for example most vendors believe that the OVP components will remain stable in price. However, one market director of TDK-EPC Group for china region said, it will show a rise in the price of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, due to costs for the raw materials (aluminum, paper, etc.), energy (the major part of anode foil production cost) are increasing. At the same time, the labor cost in china are rising at high speed recently, and in next few years will still see a continuing increase. The tantalum electrolytic capacitors will meet the same
situation in the coming years.

Compared with other types of capacitors, electrolytic capacitors have three very prominent features, one is the electrolytic capacitor has a very large capacity, which is several dozen to several hundred times larger than those of other capacitors. The second is that the rated capacity can be very large, which can easily be ten thousands of ¼f but still cannot hold a candle to the double layer capacitor. Third, the price of electrolytic capacitors is an overwhelming advantage over other types of electrolytic capacitors due the common industrial materials such as aluminum that used as the constructional material of electrolytic capacitors. However, if there is price rising on materials, it is no double that there will see the same level price increase on the common used electronic components of
electrolytic capacitors.

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