5 Ways These Headphones Will Change Your Life

What? How can a pair of headphones change my life? Is this some kind of ploy to make me buy them in the end?

Yes, to all these questions. But these are our genuine feelings about B&O PLAY’s new set of headphones and how it affected us (and probably you too!).

  1. Your best friend might judge you – but these headphones won’t.

If you’ve found yourself trying to amp up the volume on your headphones to drown out the annoying chatter from other commuters, you actually risk letting the world know you’re jamming to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. Luckily for you, BeoPlay H3 ANC comes with its Active Noise Cancellation. Microphones mounted on the earpieces measure incoming ambient noises and generate a reverse sound pattern to cancel out unwanted noise, preserving the quality and detail of your music. That way, you don’t have to compensate by adjusting the volume!

No matter what you’re listening to, even if you’re just trying out “whatever the kids listen to these days”, the best part about owning your own personal pair of headphones is that nobody knows what your guilty pleasures are when it comes to music – and you can trust BeoPlay H3 ANC to keep it that way.

2. Personal theme songs are now easily available for every situation.

Whether it’s brushing your teeth in the morning, working or just having a slow stroll in the park, having a theme song makes every dull moment an exciting one.

Not only will BeoPlay H7’s wireless headphones feel like it’s playing naturally to your ears, you won’t have to worry about any wires getting caught on door handles when you burst through the door to make your grand entrance.

And don’t worry: The quality of your music will have that same Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound even when wireless.

3. Pick your music like how you would pick your date on Tinder.

Remember when you used to shake your entire iPod to change the music and looked like an absolute idiot doing it?

Equipped with intuitive aluminium touch interface, simple gestures on BeoPlay H7’s ear cup can control music and answer calls even with gloves on. That way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of taking your device out to skip to the next track.

Not feeling the music? A simple swipe takes care of it.

Thank you, BeoPlay H7, for making us look less awkward than how we would normally feel.

4. Transform your look.

Just like how the simple addition of a pair of hipster glasses could transform a hobo into a hipster, these headphones adds style no matter what outfit you have on.

Award-winning Danish designer, Jakob Wagner, ensures that every component of BeoPlay H7 is carefully considered in terms of function, materials and detailing. From the memory foam and soft lambskin of the over-ear cups to the aluminium touch interface, the headphones have an overall sleek design that complements your outfit.

Even on BeoPlay H3 ANC in-ear headphones, Wagner designed them to fit perfectly according to the shape and curve of the human ear. The headphones would feel and look as if you were born with them.

If haters ever diss your outfit, remind them that you have a piece of legit art dangling from your ears like it’s NBD (no big deal).

  1. Feel like you’re on cloud nine with these headphones on.

We’ve all got too much to handle sometimes – too many deadlines at work, planning a loved one’s surprise birthday party or getting the right gift for a friend’s wedding. We definitely don’t need that extra weight on our shoulders (literally).

BeoPlay H3 ANC is made of lightweight metal that’s still incredibly robust, scratch-resistant and portable, making it the perfect work and travel companion without adding to your list of burdens. Even if your life is in a tangled mess, you needn’t worry because the wireless BeoPlay H7 would never add to all that drama. 😉

Thanks to B&O Play’s BeoPlay H3 and H7Article Submission, you get to enjoy your music without all the other nonsense.

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