9 measures to secure your notebook system – keep it running fast and smooth!

Nine secure notebook solutions help you to against your PC from all threats – protect your notebook and keep it running fast and smooth.

Thanks to the internet, the communication gap has considerably decreased and thus instant interaction among people all over the world is available. Moreover, there are masses of people owning personal notebooks, this situation also occurred in the companies and other organizations, so it would be no exaggeration to say that everyone own a PC.

The condition is still far from being satisfactory that every time surfing the internet, we cannot help but worrying about the security issues. No matter considered from the aspect of hardware, software or data, securing your notebook system is very important. Especially from the aspect of data, it is often more valuable than machine itself. Therefore, in this article we will list nine measures below mean to protect your laptop.

There are more than 75% of People in the world using laptop and they are no longer saving their data on paper. Instead, they tend to store data on their notebooks, such as company documents, files, chatting history, and Credit card numbers and so on. However, do you know the data in your notebook are watching by someone else? And your important information may have been already leaked. The good news is that a reliable encrypt system tool can stop unauthorized access to your notebook.

In recent years, spyware and virus do more harm to the business than before. As your personal notebook frequently leave the protection of company’s network firewall, notebook tends to more vulnerable to be attacked by spyware and other latest threats. Thus, we should install anti-virus and anti-spyware software to remove virus, spyware and so on from your computer and get protection against incoming viruses.

You should be careful about hat Websites you visit online. When you want to find some information from internet, you should go to the most trusted ones! Moreover, just download files from well-known, trustworthy company’ websites, such as download.com and CNet.

Installing a firewall will give a great help to protect your notebook system, as most hackers run a program that tries to guess your password from a selected list of words found in the dictionary. Use a firewall will stop any detrimental attempt to access to your computer files.

A majority of computer viruses spread through email. Therefore, never open or download the messages, files and attachments in your Email, unless you are sure of the content. It will enhance the security of your notebook.

Hackers are apt to looking for the security gaps to hack into your laptop. Thus, you need to update your notebook OS and software (files) as soon as a newer version is available. In addition, most updates will correct previous vulnerability and glitches within the software. So make sure everything in your computer is up to date. For further information, you may refer to five ways to update your windows operating system.

Make sure you set up a password for your wireless network, or else anyone else can access to your notebook through that wireless network. More tips, never use a word directly from the dictionary as your password. Make up a combination of words at least six letters long with numbers and letters

Back up your entire system to ensure your notebook won’t be infected or harmed, you can still have your original files back. This way when your computer is fixed, you can reinstall your files from your backup copies.

When you install programs, you should be careful about what CDs you put into your computer. In general, credible and authoritative CD distributors are recommended.

WellHealth Fitness Articles, I do hope you find this article informative and helpful. The only thing left for you to do is to take action following these nine methods to secure your notebook now!

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