A car adapter for the laptop

You can get a car power adapter for the laptops too. This would be typically much larger than the one used to charge a cell phone. This is because the car power adapter is required to convert the power supply of the car in order to match the laptop. Typically, it will be almost necessary to buy a proprietary brand of laptop car adapter for that specific brand of laptop. Also, do remember that even these types of car adapters should not be used as the primary or the only method of charging the computer.

The car power adapter is quite a handy device. You may use it to draw on the battery power of the car in order to charge as well as operate some kind of handheld device, such as a cell phone, a laptop or even a music player. Mostly the car adapter is configured in order to make use of the cigarette lighter since that is usually standard equipment in most cars. Or else, it may make use of the power port which is included nowadays in the newer cars. By using a car power adapter of this type, a cell phone, or a handheld music device, or a laptop computer can be powered with ease.

The design of a car adapter can vary to an extent. But usually, a car power adapter is nothing more than just a thin electric cord having connectors at each end. One of these connectors will attach to a port that will be present on the body of the cell phone or any other electronic device. The opposite end of this cable will be a section that will be shaped quite like the cigarette lighter that is found in the car. This end can be inserted into the lighter port of the car. Now the opposite end of this cord will be connected to the device. This way the power supply of the car is used to operate a cell phone, a laptop, or any other device.

The brands of car power adapter available today come with a set of universal connectors. This way one end of this adapter can be modified in order to match one of the ports that can be found on whatever device you would like to be connected to the power supply of the car. This way one connector of such a car adapter may allow the cord to be plugged into the USB port on a laptopFind Article, while the other connector may make it possible to connect to a mobile phone or mp3 player.


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