Are Toshiba Notebook Computers Your Best Laptop Option?

Laptops and Notebooks are becoming ever popular in a world that hasn’t stopped moving since the mid nineties. Almost everyone is in need of a notebook computer, but the problem is determining whether or not a particular brand is good for an individual or not. The brand that we are going to look at today is Toshiba so that we can figure out whether or not Toshiba Notebook Computers really are the best option for you.There has been a common theme among most users who have owned Toshiba notebook computers in the past, and that theme is heat. Yes, with any notebook computer there is going to be an issue with heat, but it seems to be more prevalent in Toshiba notebook computers. Usually a cooling pad would fix this, but there was an interesting issue with the Satellite L25 series that many users found to be quite true.Yes, the L25 was a low end notebook, but at a certain point both it’s network card and wireless network card would stop working. At boot it would claim there was an port conflict, but if you overheated the laptop enough, it would eventually report that everything was fine. We’re not going to speculate on what might have caused this, but anyone who knows about internal hardware is probably shaking their head right now.

Lately Toshiba has improved, though they still have not fixed the heat issue. What they do have however the latest in processor technology. You can look forward to having dual core AMD’s in Toshiba notebook computers, but that doesn’t amount to much if their video technology isn’t up to par. They tend to use mobile variants of the different ATI cards, which is fine, but in the past these mobile cards have not functioned well.Is this a problem? No, not if you are not a heavy video gamer. If you are just someone who needs to surf the web and send e-mail, this will work perfectly. The problem is though that any people purchase Toshiba notebook computers in the hopes that they will be able to do photo editing or 3D modeling, and this is just not the case.When it comes down to it, with the heat problems and the substandard graphics cards, Toshiba notebook computers just do not stand up to the leading brands produced by Dell and HP. If you are however just looking to do some basic web surfing and maybe even play some old games, this will work very nicely. Just remember that the important thing here is to shop according to your needs. So long as you do this you will find that you’re happy with whatever you buy, especially if there is a full warranty.

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