Automotive electronics Ten Influential People: Topin Lehi levy

March 30, 2012, the automotive electronics industry, ushered in the industry-wide annual event – 2011 China’s auto electronics industry Ten Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House. Lasted several months of intense tug of war, after several rounds of multi-strength of the contest Competition, the major awards of the automotive electronics Ten selection finally the birth of the much-anticipated of all the major outstanding enterprises and leaders finally came to this first glory, welcomed this historic moment.

After a few years ago, a spurt of rapid development of automotive electronics industry is entering the plain of a passion retreat, dealers and vehicle owners the choice of brand is more rational, it was predicted that the profits of the automotive electronics era is about to end. On the other hand, authoritative experts predict that the Chinese automotive electronics market is expected to reach sales of $ 29.9 billion in 2015. , In the face of an attractive piece of cake in such a big situation, the public enterprises how to win your own cake, and share maximize

More and more enterprises realize that now waged a price war is not a long, uniform homogenization of the product is eventually eliminated. These visionary companies invariably begin to brand building, and implementation of brand marketing.

“Interpretation of the classic brand, innovation and achievements in the future, the spirit of the Ten selection activities, happens to coincide with the demand of the enterprise, and therefore achieved a high degree of concern in the industry, attracting enterprises to actively participate.

The brand is the foundation of long-term vitality of enterprises rely on to win the innovation is to maintain a vibrant source of. Only to create a real brand image, and always maintain the vitality of innovation, opportunities to win in the fierce competition taking of favorable resources, as the victorious general in the market.

The ten selected activities of the automotive electronics industry, through the the appraised election way, will be more conducive to the birth of the more outstanding brand to more enterprises to focus on brand building, to create a strong brand awareness in the entire industry, and regulate the industry and orderly competition.

Ten contest, fair, impartial, open to advanced business models, the selection of the travel industry leader role models, certainly the leader for the industry to make a positive contribution to spur and inspire them to greater efforts to move forward step. The same time, to play a good example of the demonstration effect, to drive the industry to develop in depth.

This selection, the general manager of Shenzhen Jie Cheng Electronics Co., Ltd. Li Hai Zheng won the 2011 Top Ten Influential People Award “.

Award-winning reasons:Main product: car gps  innovation for development, Jie into the 2011 industry’s fastest-growing enterprise, the pragmatic, unassuming elegance of style to the industry made an example!

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