E-Reader Sales Going Up Each Year

The sales of electronic book reader devices are going up every year. Find out what impact this will have on the electronics, IT and book publishing industry.

Erotic Books are rapidly catching up and have seen tremendous growth in the past few years. To make an e-reader device, such as the Sony Reader or the Amazon Kindle, there are many components that are necessary for its manufacture.One of them is the special display used by these devices.This means an increase in business for display manufacturers that create displays with e-ink (electronic ink) technology.According to the chief marketing officer of E Ink Holdings, Sriram Peruvemba, the sales of e-book readers are expected to triple every year.Of course, this means an increase in business for his company as well as others in the industry. Some technology analysts have doubted whether e-book reading devices would have much success, given the competition they face from tablet PCs such as the Apple iPad.However the main difference is that e-readers have a special screen that is optimized for reading books, rather than a general purpose screen as used in tablet PCs as well as other mobile devices.

The growth in popularity of e-readers has also affected the book publishing industry significantly.Max Crawford, the CEO and founder of a small company that publishes fiction books, such as Romance Books, science fiction novels and war stories has stated that many new authors see the internet as something that should be embraced as it allows them to sell their books a lot more easily.This is really no surprise, as online books have given new authors a shot at having their works read by others.Many who seek to sell their books in electronic format have been turned down by other publishers, not necessarily because of bad quality writing, but more because the publisher didnt see sales potential in the book.Due to the expenses involved in producing and distributing a paper book, few publishers will accept a book which will not make more than a few hundred sales.However, in the online world, this becomes a non-issue, as the books are virtual goods and not physical ones. While some may worry that e-readers and electronic books will have a negative impact on the publishing industry, many experts disagree.In order to stay competitiveFree ArticlesFree Articles, publishers need to realize that eBooks are here to stay and they should look at selling their books online in electronic format if they want to stay in business in the coming decade.

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