Lg Kg320 – Slender, Stylish And Sleek

Lg Kg320 – Slender, Stylish And Sleek

The new offering by LG continues in the same vein as the smash-hit “chocolate phone”. Weighing just 90g and measuring only 95.5mm x 45mm x 9.9mm, the KG320 will slide into small pockets and not weigh you down if you like to wear your phone on a lanyard.

This candy-bar phone is dominated by the large, color LCD screen which boasts a display size of 176 x 220 pixels. The screen supports 262K colors, meaning images are clear and crisp. With large, rectangular keys, the phone will be easy to use even for those with large hands. Raised slightly from the phone itself, with channels between keys, the keypad is responsive to the touch and intuitive to operate. The navigation button, which sits below the screen, sits flush with the navigation pad itself and can be difficult to operate smoothly.

Turn the phone over to reveal the sliding lens cap of a 1.3 megapixel camera. Not only does the cover offer protection to the camera beneath, it also activates the camera function. The camera allows you to shoot both stills and video. Image quality is satisfactory for photos shot in daylight, but night pictures are of barely acceptable quality, even if the flash is on.

To store your images, the phone offers just 128MB of built-in memory, with no expansion options available. This is a serious disadvantage, especially since the LG KG320 also markets itself as an MP3 player. The audio player is compatible with most of the common file formats, including MP3, AAC, AAC+, M4A and WMA. Music-lovers will be pleased to know that the phone comes with an audio jack, meaning that you can use your high-quality headphones to listen to music stored on your phone.

The list of bundled extras for the KG320 is fairly expansive. There are two rechargeable 600mAh lithium ion batteries, a standard AC charger and a charging box for independent battery charging. You can house your charging equipment in the included travel carry case. Perhaps the manufacturers included these items in anticipation of the need to regularly recharge – battery life is a little below par. You can expect just three hours of talk time, with 200 hours of standby time. Also included is a detachable carry strap, USB cable, earphone handsfree and a leather case. A Java game CD means that you can expand your entertainment options.

Navigation through the phone’s menu options is not difficult, with short cut keys on all the directional controls to reduce the time needed to access regularly-used functions. At times, though, the interface is compromised by poor reaction time.

Overall, the LG KG320 phone is slender, stylish and sleek. It is lightweight and well-priced. For those looking for a mid-range phone with all the features including MP3 player and digital camera, the LG KG320 should easily satisfy.

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