Nikon D5100 Price: Where’s the Value?

Yet nobody wants to pay more than they have to in order to get a high-quality camera. So it is understandable that you would want to know if there really is value in the approximate retail price of $750 that this camera boasts. Superior Stills and VideoOne thing that you get with the Nikon D5100 price is superior image quality for both stills and video alike. The camera features a fast shutter speed along with a high-resolution 16.2MP DX format CMOS sensor and ISO 100-6400. For video, the footage is captured in full 1080p HD and has a superior microphone so that sounds are recorded true to life and without distortion. Both stills and video feature color that is true to life, excellent light balance, and precision focus with an advanced auto focus feature. Added ValueYou should be aware that the Nikon D5100 price includes some added features that you won’t find with other cameras in this price range. First, the price includes a unique swivel angle LCD monitor, which allows you to move the camera around to get the perfect shot lined up but that doesn’t require you to maneuver your body into strange positions, too.

With this Nikon model, you also can enjoy the benefits of using the Effects Mode feature. This is a creative feature that allows you to really capture every image beautifully, and it can be used with your videos and your still shots, too. These special effects include a miniature mode, a night vision mode, color isolation, color sketch, and more. These are features that can be used with specific shots to really capture the moment with the special look that the moment demands. Paying for the ValueOnce you have learned about all of the great features that you get with the Nikon D5100 price, you will likely find that this is a quality camera loaded with great features that ensure all of your memories will be beautifully preserved. This is a camera that not only ensures that you never miss a shot, but that also helps you to enjoy greater flexibility in how your memories are preserved, too!

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