Options to transfer and group your digital camera pictures

Although there is no question about the convenience of the digital camera auto-focus makes us the manual alternative is interesting in some pictures where the main reason is unclear or if we are to create certain effects. In addition, try to learn how to group them with iPhoto. You will easily locate the folders.

Let us begin with the whole autofocus settings. You may be in some situations where it may be beneficial to dispense with the “comfortable” autofocus and you venture to test your iron pulse to focus the object of your interest:

·         Macro mode when taking pictures of subjects that are within inches of the lens is advisable to focus manually. This ensures greater accuracy in the points we want them to appear neat and not leave this decision to the automatism of the camera.

·         Portraits-manual approach in these cases is whether we want to emphasize a detail of the face of the person. Eyes and lips are usually the most frequent.

·         Low Light-On many occasions, when we are in low light autofocus camera goes crazy, not sure where to direct your attention. Some digital camera models have a fill light to fix this, but more reliable is to lead us in our own eye (and wrist) to focus.

·         Objects through If we make a picture-through windows, railings, plastic, etc. with auto-focus cameras tend to make as clear what is in the foreground. But what if this is not our intention? To prevent failures, you know.

·         Objects in motion-automatic approach usually require a minimum time, but you may not be available if we want to take pictures of objects moving at high speed. Sometimes it is advisable to manually focus on a point and wait for the object passes by.


Rechargeable batteries are an essential element for every digital camera. The basic ones were essential in photography until the advent of lithium-ion batteries. Even today in the low-end digital photography, after the termination of analog seem to me essential.

Similarly to the controls of the game consoles, remote controls of all types of electronic devices most portable low power consumption and the future will be based on integrated rechargeable batteries. Meanwhile it is imperative to follow some guidelines for choosing digital camera rechargeable batteries. Basically there are two concepts, consumption measured in milliamp hours, this parameter in all cases and cell formatsHealth Fitness Articles, the higher the better.

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