Phone repair: Fixing headphones at home

Tablets and cell phones are probably the most used and favored gizmos of the modern world. Not only are they completely utilitarian when it comes to value for money, but they also happen to be extremely stylish. Also, such he space to store all of your music!!

But the average lifespan of a headphone is extremely small, and it is not surprising, given the right life they have to lead – they are constantly shoved in and out of various jack point, they are pulled from different directions, cramped into small spaces and so on. But life without our headphones is impossible to imagine. So how can someone fix his or her headphones at home without having to spend a fortune?

Fixing headphones is one of the basic services that one expects from a phone repair and tablet repairs uk company. However, tablet repairs uk company uses very sophisticated tools, and of course, their services are better. Nonetheless, a temporary fix at home is feasible and also practical at the same time. Below is a small set of instructions on how to do fix a broken headphone jack.

The first step is to cut the jack. It depends on how much of wire you think you need. It is always a good idea to keep a little bit of extra, just in case you mess it up, which is absolutely possible. Then, you need to remove the external plastic insulation around the wire. You can either use scissors, box cutters and some people find it easier to cut layers off of it using a sharp stainless steel blade or switch knife. Be careful so as not to cut yourself.

Before you get into soldering them, you have to make sure they are clean and that they do not have any residue of their enamel coating. This can be done by burning the wire, which has been stripped off of their insulator coating, for a few minutes. The wires will turn red, but that does not require for you to be alarmed.

Finally comes the soldering part. But before you get into the nitty gritty of phone repair, make sure that everything is clean and in place. After this is done, carefully slide the outer shell of the jack in place. Ideally, a headphone jack has three pins – one is ground, one for the left channel and the other for the right channel. The easiest method of soldering is to pass the wires through the inside of the jacket and then soldering the outside shut. Take the tip or the jack point and clamp it away from you, in the opposite direction and place the ground connecter below. The small pin to your right is for the right, and of course, the one to the left is for the left. Finally, solder all of them into their places.

The final step involves testing it out. Put the headphone into your phone, your tablet or even a simple mp3 player and test it out, of courseFind Article, with decent volume levels.

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