Sourcing Cheap Electronics From China, How To Tell The Shysters From The Super Suppliers

Times have never been better to future proof your income by reselling cheap electronics on eBay as a home business.Unfortunately newcomers to the business certainly need to keep their wits about them when it comes to looking for cheap electronics suppliers in China. Take a moment, look around you and I’m sure that you will see at least 5 electronic devices in the room you are sitting in right now. Think about how many electric devices are scattered around your house and you can basically say that we all have become pretty dependent on electronics. The market for electronics is huge and, according to the market research firm Forrester people buy about 60% of electronics offline and 40% online. This makes potential sales for anybody coming in reselling China electronics absolutely huge, whether it is through eBay, Amazon or on their own online store.There are still risks in this industry, as there are in any industry. With the sale of cheap electronics the risk lies very much with the merchants and shysters that want to take advantage of you and your customers.

Some problems that resellers have encountered include:

* Suppliers who do not put products through quality control

* Suppliers who don’t offer delivery or wholesale warranties

* Suppliers who charge you for something but don’t deliver

* Suppliers who sell you something then send you something completely different

* Suppliers who try to sell you counterfeit products

* Suppliers who charge you to become a ‘wholesale’ or a ‘dropship’ member then charge you retail price for ‘wholesale’ items.

That’s not to say there are not good suppliers out there that want to help you reach your goal of being completely self sufficient in a work from home business but it does mean you need to be particularly careful to sort the shysters from the super suppliers.So how can you tell the shysters from the super suppliers?The first thing to do when you find a potential supplier, either online or through a trade publication, is to check out their online reputation and see if anybody has had dealings with them before.Forums, review sites and fraudwatch/customer complaint sites are usually a good place to do that.Finding these sites is not hard.

All you usually need to do is to go to Google and type in terms like:

* Wholesale forums* Dropship forums

* Reseller forumsIf everything checks out there, or there is nothing about them, check out the site itself and the documentation around the site. This is usually a useful step in finding out whether or not they are a reputable company.

Warning signs include:

* A shortage of valid contact details

* A badly put-together website

* A shortage of unique product photos

* A shortage of a product description or one that looks suspiciously like materials from another wholesale dropship company

* Prices which are too low or too high

* No information on the correct procedure for return of products

* No information on delivery and manufacture warranties

* There are many obvious counterfeit products on the site

If this all appears to be fine and you are considering setting up a dropship supply chain management system to resell cheap electronics then you may well want to place a test order to make sure:

* The product gets to you in a timely fashion (anything longer than three weeks is suspicious)

* The product is in good working order

* The product is exactly what you ordered and has exactly the same functions

* The customer service department is able to help you with product and shipping questions

* There is no promotional material in with the packageIf that is indeed the case then congratulations you have found a super supplier. Now you can sell on eBay knowing that they will be dedicated to helping you and your customers get the most enjoyment out of their products as possible.Source: Free Articles from

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