The Top Four Over Ear Headphones

Marshal Major Over Ear Headphones (Black)AdvantagesThe sound quality provided by this exquisitely attractive Marshall Major headphones are good for listening to any genre of music. Thanks to the design that eliminates outside noise, you can fully enjoy your favorite songs.DisadvantagesWhile this pair features a good over-the-ear design, users might feel a tinge of discomfort when using the headphones for a long period of time. It doesn’t help that the headphones come with vinyl ear cushions for they only retain heat. Final ConclusionIt’s easy to overlook the disadvantages of this particular pair since it’s benefits and advantages far outweighs them. The remarkable acoustics are a great match for Marshall’s line of amplifiers.

Skull-candy Roc Nation Aviator Headphones (Black)PositivesAny mobile multimedia device will look more sophisticated when paired with the Roc Nation Aviator headphones. It’s stylish appearance will make it a sure hit among tween and style-conscious people. If you want to maximize the listening experience, you can just throw in a speakers that deliver detailed sound quality.NegativesHowever, since the bass quality isn’t that refined, a few users especially those who enjoy dubstep ans such type of music are likely to get disappointedBottom LineShoving off its slightly unreceptive low-end-response to the side, the Skull-candy Roc Nation headphones is easily one of the best over ear headphones around. It does a good job at balancing excellent clarity and unique design. Sennheiser HD205 II DJ HeadphonesPositivesGiven its price, the Sennheiser HD205 II is one of the most impressive headphones available nowadays. Users will experience no discomfort even after prolonged hours of usage. There’s only minimal noise leakage, and ambient noise is reduced effectively. The price is friendly to your wallet, and there’s even a protective pouch included.ConsThe headphones delivers poor mid range response and even though it’s comfortable to use, the hard plastic that it’s made of easily creaks even after several uses. The attached single-sided cable can hamper portability because it’s too long, and replacing the cable is out of the question.Final ConclusionThe headphones may lack flair in the acoustic department and this may not be a good thing for people with critical ears. Most users, however, will likely appreciate the overall capable performance, adequate bass and natural sound.

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre – Hi-Def Noise-Cancelling Over-the-ear Headphones ProsThis is perhaps the headphones for bass lovers. It has an impressive noise cancellation feature and it also boasts of a glossy and stylish finish. If you want to store the ‘phones away, the headset is collapsible for easy storage. There’s also the easy-to-access mute button on the right side of the headphones.ConsThe sound delivered by the headphones could use more depth, though. This pair also relies on AAA batteries to function. It’s easy to waste batteries by simply forgetting to turn the switch off. Finally, this headphones is also quite expensive compared to others.Bottom LineThis pair is likely to suit anyone who enjoys listening mainly to rap, rock, and hip hop. If you’re a stickler for overall balanced sound, excellent depth and a theater feel, however, you had better look elsewhere.

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