To enter the field of car audio

Guangzhou Guoguang (002045) today announced the cooperation with Japan’s Onkyo Corporation, set up a joint venture Guangzhou An Qiaoguo light Audio Co., Ltd. “, into the car audio market. As the audio manufacturing leader, which will enrich the product line of Guangzhou Guoguang, to withstand the impact of poor trading environment.

Poor trading environment to promote cooperation to accelerate

Guangzhou Guoguang last year’s report shows that 2011 operating income of 2.155 billion yuan. The main audio business income of 2.1 billion yuan, an increase of 22.37% over the previous year.

However, due to the slowdown of the global consumer electronics, the power of world economic recovery is not strong, aggregate demand is still insufficient, in addition to the continuous appreciation of Renminbi, the financial cost increase over the previous year, asset impairment loss over the previous year increased by a big margin and other factors, Guangzhou Guoguang last year, total revenue increased by 22.59%, the overall gross profit margin was essentially flat with the previous year, also reached 18.47 percent, but operating profit than last year dropped by 36.45%, making the attribution of listed companies net profit dropped compared with last year 23.83%.

In this environment, exports accounted for an important position in Guangzhou, China Light is also actively looking for a variety of contribution to performance mode, and set up a joint venture is one.

According to Guangzhou Guoguang, chairman Zhou Haichang, Guangzhou, China is just a 61-year-old factory, one of the largest speaker and sound companies. 65-year-old Onkyo cooperation fancy Onkyo car speakers, digital speakers, digital power amplifier technology and the achievements. It is reported that the Onkyo speakers made in Japan related patents ranked second, Toshiba and Microsoft have chosen as a supplier.

Zhouhai Chang said that the joint venture will be located in Huadu, Guangzhou Guoguang Industrial Park with a total investment of $ 200 million, each holding 50% of the shares. The new company will share the Onkyo a number of patents and actively apply for a high-tech enterprises, the program will be in 2013 to achieve breakeven in 2014 earnings, is expected to pay taxes in 2015 will reach 10 million.

Guangzhou Guoguang emboldened from the business opportunities arising from China’s auto industry expansion. Relevant person in charge of the joint venture company also said that the joint venture also aims to participate in the expansion of China’s automobile industry. China’s auto industry after 2005, average annual increase to 10 percent of shipments in the passage of time, the number of shipped units in 2010 about 18.06 million units,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.  becoming the first in the world market. But every 1,000 people in China have at the end of 2009, the number of car units, only about 46 units and 592 units 808 units of the United States, is still a low level, the potential purchase of the crowd is still a great deal.

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